7.9.1 Upgrade

Just saw the upgrade notice. I tried to upgrade from 7.8.5 to 7.9.1. Running on Ubuntu.
In the middle of the update after the upload of the package pressed Next and Now No more SuiteCRM, i.e., Landed me immediately on Index.php. Tried to refresh and no response.

What to do next??


You need to have suiteP theme enable. otherwise the upgrade will faiil. check in the config.php or config_override.php and enable suiteP


You can check your logs (including the third one mentioned there at the end) to find more details about your problem.

I didn’t understand one thing from your description - is it simply the upgrade process that fails, or did you lose the application entirely?

Sending you back to “index.php” isn’t very descriptive because almost every screen in SuiteCRM goes through index.php…

Thank You.
I deleted the SuiteP from both the Config.php and the Config_OverRide.php Disabled theme list and it came back to life.
Thanks again.


can you please describe exactly what those entries looked like in your config.php and config_override.php? Where did you get that information from, about how to disable themes?

I can’t seem to find it but I’m thinking of opening an Issue with this, it seems more people are having your problem and at least a better error message should be given to the user…

Hi Karma,
Sorry for the delay…

I was upgrading from the 7.8.3 (note: earlier I mentioned 7.8.4 But, that was incorrect) to 7.9.1
During the Upgrade all checked out during the scans and reported no issues
After the “no return” step (I cant remember the exact terms used) I pressed
Immediately I was returned to Index.php (Which was a Blank Page)
I then tried a few other times to restart the server with the same results, i.e., Site would not respond.

@Karma posted that I needed to enable the SuiteP theme in the config.php and config_override.php
After searching a bit I found the two files in the same directory. Following are the Original and Modded lines of both files


ORIG:  'disabled_themes' => 'SuiteP,Suite7',
MOD:   'disabled_themes' => 'Suite7',


ORIG: $sugar_config['disabled_themes'] = 'SuiteP,Suite7';
MOD:  $sugar_config['disabled_themes'] = 'Suite7';

I hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I need, only please put those lines inside the forums “code” tags, otherwise everything inside brackets disappears…


Thanks so much! This fixed my broken instance!


BTW – There was one other task that needed to be performed after the steps I mentioned in my earlier post. It seems that the upgrade was not yet completed due to this problem. So, when I was finally able to log back into the system I remember going back to the upgrade area. There, I remember finding a prompt asking if I wanted to commit the upgrade changes. I guess the DB changes had not yet been committed.

Sorry, But I just remembered. Gus

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This is a serious bug and I filed it here:


Thanks for the input, LISpeedyG!