7.8 New Search Paradigm Not Quite There

Firstly, changing the Advanced Search panel on Listviews is a good thing so well done to SA fro tackling this.

However, by removing the Basic Search fields from the top of the Listview is a poorer user experience IMHO.

All of our clients use the basic search to find Account names quickly. Previously to 7.8 they just typed the company name. With 7.8 the user has to click filter and then type the name. New users have to be trained to do this now whereas before a user could work this out themselves. If someone has to be trained on something whereas before they didn’t then in my mind this is, by its nature, more clunky.

We also found the Basic Search prior to 7.8 useful for filtering by Target List rather than each user having to create and save their own searches. With this now moved off the Listview it’s much less intuitive.


Could there be an option to switch on backwards compatibility mode for search paradigm?

It also broke our custom theme which we are having to rewrite.

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Actually all you really needed to do was turn the “Advanced Search” link into a popup instead of pushing the list view down out of sight as it used to be pre-7.8. And add a field selector next to the Action Button.

AND on the subject of the field selector popup - in my wide screen monitor (as we all use nowadays) why is the selected/unselected fields laid out horizontally in columns. At the moment we have to scroll and scroll and scroll… just a thought :slight_smile:

Actually I spotted the config override can have a setting to use the old paradigm which works for us for the time being.
e.g. $sugar_config[‘enable_legacy_search’][0] = ‘Accounts’;