7.4.3 Inline Editing not working correctly for users.


After upgrading to 7.4.3 I have encountered an issue with inline editing functionality for regular users.

Inline editing is working perfectly for administrator accounts but when users attempt inline editing from the list view, the detail and edit views are not updated but instead return blank values.

For instance, a user would change the value of a dropdown field but when checking edit/detail views, the field would be blank.
however the field would display correctly in the list view even after reloading the page.

The fields will remain blank when checking the same record from another/admin account.

I hope this makes sense, feel free to ask for more information/clarification.

~ Sam


Does this only happen with Dropdown fields, or is the user unable to inline edit other field types?

if it’s only Dropdown, it may be related to the issue logged on our github repository here: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/492

Hi John.

It is only Dropdown fields as far as I have seen.

As stated previously, this only effects regular users.

It seems to be a related issue.

~ Sam


Check the dropdown list that the Dropdown fields are using.
Does the list have Item Names that are different from the Display Label?

i.e ‘Value_1’ as Item Name and ‘value 1’ as Display Label

if so, Selecting these values via Inline Editing can cause issues like the one described by yourself.

Also, if the field that the user edits already contained data, does the field display as blank, or does it show the old data?

The display labels are different in the fact they have spaces rather than underscores as show in your example.

If the fields previously had data in them they will be blank after user edits.

Here is how the data will display:

List view: correct data as selected via inline edit.
Detail view: blank.
Edit View: blank.


~ Sam