7.12.6 Email Compose Body is Missing

That depends on which user your web server is running under, and on which user owns the directories and files.

Linux permissions have their natural complexity and can’t be reduced to generic recommendations… it’s just not possible.


755 didn´t help for me. Would also surprise me, since it does or does not occur depending on the browser you use…


Sorry to hear, for me the problem was in all browsers and it works in all browsers since the 755.
However there is still sort of a problem because I always get the tinymce editor, no matter what option (html, mosaic) I set it on.

For now it works for me.
Good luck with searching for your solution.


This is normal (though unfortunate) behavior. The email editor option that you select in the user profile only affects the Email Templates module, not the Email Compose window.

For my add-on PowerReplacer I had to change that to make the editor option affect also the Compose window, so that people could write advanced templates via Direct HTML… and it was a lot of work, that screen is particularly chaotic code, way more complex than it should be.

I wouldn’t mind putting that bit of change into core code in a PR, but I stopped making contributions until my past contributions start getting merged, for the sake of my mental sanity. :crazy_face: