7.11.9 Confirm that the role and security suite in the user is invalid

Confirm that the role and security suite in the user is invalid, cannot be saved, and the permission control is invalid.

I am unable to understand what you are saying. Can you explain it more


Similar to this problem

I want to ask something, are the records assigned to specific users??
And is it happening for 1 module or for all modules?
IS it working properly for new records??

I confirm there is a problem with the Security Group.

Normal user profiles are set to view only their records, e.g. Case, Meeting, Documents, etc. sees everything.

The problem appeared after the update from 7.11.8 to the latest 7.11.9

The record is not assigned to a specific user. Follow the way who created who is the person in charge.
The person in charge can only view their own records.
But currently invalid
Have not tested the new record

After the SuiteCRM upgrade from ver. 7.11.8 to 7.11.9

There were 2 problems:

  1. mySugarCharts.js file is missing
    include / SugarCharts / Jit / js / mySugarCharts.js
    it was not possible to add widgets, I dealt with it.

2 consists in the fact that the user profile is set to access only his or her affairs (screen 1), while all items (screen2) are displayed in the list.
In the earlier version of 7.11.8 it was OK, the above appeared after yesterday’s update to 7.11.9.

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Has been resolved

thank you for the information
For now, I returned to version 7.11.8, today I can see that it was released on 7.11.10, in a few days I will try to update again.