7.11.6 - Problem creating new user with certain password definition settings


If I check System Generated Password and then set:

1 - Password minimum length to 8
2 - Password should contain uppercase characters True
3 - Password should contain lowercase characters True
4 - Password should contain numbers True

I just can’t create a new user properly. The user is indeed created, but it won’t be listed if you filter by it’s name and a new user email is not sent. If I try to regen password using Forgot Password in initial screen, I get the message I must provide a valid username/email. If I then uncheck System Generated Password and manualy set the password, when I try to login with the username and password, I get an “expired seesion” message.

If I clear items 1 - 4 above, everything starts to work fine again.

I am not able to reproduce it on demo site because will is not admin.



I just tried this in my test system and everything seemed to work well.

The only thing wrong was that the generated password did not meet complexity requirements, it was “cbG1G6” which is not 8 chars long.

But I received the email, I was able to log in. I was not asked to change my password.

Maybe you can try tracking your logs to see if there are any messages there?