7.11.11 - Dashlet error

Running a sandbox on Windows 10, MariaDB and a Virtual Box.

Loaded sample data. Walkthru is fine, but when you try to add Dashlets…I find several that don’t respond. The top in the default list adds to my homepage just fine. (All Opportunities by lead source by outcome) The second one tries to install and and spins forever. Ultimately, this breaks your home page sending back a box with one word “undefined”. After that, there are several apparent options that do not respond, as if the links are non-existent withing my stack. Anyone else? Is there a way to attack this? Sandbox environment, and just prepping a demo at the moment. Is there a patch for this that I am missing? Could be my install went off into neverland. I just don’t see a lot of info on this. Used to work with Sugar a lot, and never run into this. Any info appreciated to get this thing fixed. The Home Page (after error) is blank, and the system is practically unusable if you are relying on graphic dashboards.

New system, and I know it’s probably my install / config, but if someone has a link / fix for this…even seen it before…it would be most helpful.

Thanks again!


Those undefineds are typical of permissions issues. You need to make sure that the process running your web server has read access to the SuiteCRM directory, and write access to some of those directories (try to emulate these Linux instructions on Windows).

Another possible problem could be missing PHP modules that need to be installed/activated. You should see errors for these in the web server logs.

Thank you …a huge help on the permissions thing. I am still missing some dashlets though. almost like they are dead links?..anyway to just reload those items? It’s the charts section.
Got the first two working…they rest are spinning like a bad google search.

Thanks again.

What is your version of SuiteCRM?

Which dahslets exactly are not working?

Do you see any errors in your logs?