7.10 problems

Why 7.10 is asking for new password expired every few days, how we can change that?

Hi elsaadj,

You can modify the password expiration date under the admin panel -> password management screen.


That is only if you are using system generated password.

When did this feature get put in and why is it a default. If I wanted to have an expiring password I would have opted for it. So now I have to put in a new password just to log in so that I can somehow disable this feature?

After all the years with Sugar and then Suite, I’m really tired of broken or poorly though-out updates. I’m moving to the Esposcrm platform.

So now every 7 days I’m going to have to put in a new password since I don’t want to use a system-generated password?

This problem seems to exist irrespective of a system generated password. Is somebody listening?

I’m guessing that an update will be pushed out this week. There is too much broken for the company to ignore all these problems. I have faith!

There’s (at least) one open bug report for this:


I’ve been with Sugar and Suite for ten years now. One of the shortcomings of open-source applications is that there is often no organized testing process. Fixes are made and thrown into a upgrade release without much more than alpha testing or very little ad-hoc beta testing. Thus, we get upgrades that have huge issues like this password thing. I’ve been a software developer for 40 years. That’s right 40. I started with Ross Perot’s EDS in 1975 and so while I don’t know everything I know a lot more than many others.

One of the problems with Suite is that it is built on the antiquated Sugar codebase. If you have looked into the code you can see that it has be patched and changed so often that it is referred to as “spaghetti code” in the trade! The Sugar people are working hard to re-write their modules with modern methods. But it is hard.

There are CRMs like EspoCRM and X2Engine and others that have code platforms using modern foundations and which are easier to maintain. If you try EspoCRM and others like it you will see how blazingly fast it is compared to how slow the Sugar/Suite system is.

So given what the Suite developers have to work with and given the size of the codebase itself, it is amazing to me that anything is ever released… compared to new systems with modern code foundations.

Finally, Suite is free, so there is little room to complain and I’m not doing it here. All I can do is hope that this password bug is high on the priority list of those who maintain the system. We will give it another week and if not fixed we’ll give up this ghost and move to a different platform. We don’t need perfection and we can live with minor bugs… but if something as major as a password management issue that renders the system almost useless to us… well that we can’t tolerate… free or not. We run our (web design - newmediacreate dot com) biz on a CRM… and it has to “just work” and right now Suite doesn’t.

What is the status on this password issue, is it fixed in 7.10.1, I don’t see it in the release?

I’m expecting it to be in the next release… which my guess will be next week. I hope that the .2 update will finally bring some stability to Suite. I wish there was a way to ‘turn back the clock’ and drop down to the LTS release but my guess is that the old version won’t work with an newer version’s database.

Does anyone know?

Do we know which release will have a fix to this weekly password reset?

You can keep track of the Issue

It isn’t solved yet because this is a hard one to approach - I think the problems depend on which setting you had before, and we can’t just make our installer change these settings or assume anything about your system, since this is a very sensitive topic - security. There’s no easy fix that will work for everybody.

Note that there is a workaround in that Issue: go in the database and set the expiry date some months in the future.