7.10.9 Unable to send mail as user no *incoming* IMAP mail?!


we have problems related to the E-Mail function in SuiteCRM 7.10.9 after upgrading from SuiteCRM 7.8.20. The problems are around the same as in #61609
But when doing an original installation of SuiteCRM 7.10.9 on the same server it works perfectly. So, it seems to be related to the upgrading process! But how can we find to what the problem is coming from?

Can some help?


I guess you would have to do some basic troubleshooting of whatever is wrong. Check logs, look for any clues that could point you to something broken in a database table, or in a custom php file…

Now, I would like to understand why the difference between the upgraded version and/or the new version install? Shouldn´t be both ways equal?

Is there a way to do full restore to the original file version or wherever mail and IMAP is configured?

Would be helpfull to have a conversation on this one.

Supposedly, you should be 100% in the same system if you install, and then upgrade, or if you simply install the latest version in one go.

But that is theoretical - in real life if a bug causes some side-effect, something in the database, or in some file, it might affect future behaviour, even after the original bug is fixed…

So sometimes after a bug, and a fix, a “clean-up” might still be necessary.

I don’t know of any case where this happened with email bugs, but I can’t exclude it as a possibility…

Hello, thank you for all the help!

I could solve this issue, it had to do with the fact that SuiteCRM and the mailserver were on the same system. The mailserver (zimbra) would not allow to connect to sending mails. This works though from a different machine.


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