7.10.8 Upgrade Wizard cannot commit upgrade

I have got to the COMMIT UPGRADE step of the Upgrade Wizard (ie past the point of no return) and am told ‘Click Next to run additional upgrade scripts’.

However, the only link provided is ‘Files Copied Successfully/Show’. No NEXT link for finalising the upgrade is visible!

Any advice, perhaps a URL to trigger this last step?


OK, looking behind the scenes I see that the upgrade process went on on WITHOUT any next button being involved.

upgradeWizard.log says the job is done!

Maybe some reason like timeout, warning of a variable. It fails to show the next step. as far as Log says the job is done! You can ignore it.

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Just to help us perhaps reduce this issue with other users. What is your max execution time?

In php.ini:

max_execution_time = 3600