7.10.2 Target List emails hidden

Just recently after upgrade from 7.10 to 7.10.2
started exploring campaign module in deep.
The campaign it self is working fine and all emails go out as normal.

Viewing a target lists is a problem because emails are hidden.
Adding or removing another target, lead or contact will make other email addresses show again.

I don’t understand what you mean, can you please post screenshots?


I couldn’t reproduce it yet!
First time I have seen it I doubted my self, second time I wasn’t sure what was going on, by the third or fourth time I am sure something is not right with the target lists.
It doesn’t happen all the time.
One thing I noticed is … if I add or remove, lets say a target, the sub-panel updates and all other emails are visible again.
The same goes for contacts and leads sub-panels.
I will put it here as soon as I pick it up again.

Before editing …

after removing a contact

I still need to check this on a fresh production copy and the live demo.

I haven’t ruled out this might be related to this installation only and not affecting everyone else.

Has someone else seen this happen?

This happens on both test and production 7.10.2 if I am an admin.
Regular users will see emails displayed on the target lists.

Please check your logs for any errors at the time you display those lists.

Check both suitecrm.log and php_errors.log


Mon Mar 26 19:19:48 2018 [32767][1][ERROR] Unable to get proper side for link assigned_user_link
Mon Mar 26 19:19:48 2018 [32767][1][ERROR] Unable to get proper side for link assigned_user_link

php_errors_cli.log nothing new there

I have these but believe it’s not related
PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /var/www/suitecrm/modules/Reminders/Reminder.php on line 326

Ready for a trip in a time machine?


I also find old SugarCRM forum posts about this.

Does that error appear at the time when the list is displayed? When you click to start some edit? When you click save? Let’s try to match the log error with a specific UI action.

It does look old!
Old but back …

The only thing I did is open the target list, no edit, no save, no nothing and the error was there!

I opened another topic for an error on target import that only happen with admin user.
Maybe related …