7.10.10 release date?

Does anyone know when 7.10.10 is due to release?

We are suffering from the “Database failure. Please refer to suitecrm.log for details.” error plaguing our SuiteCRM, especially in Lead Activity Subpanel
I have not been successful in patching SuiteCRM and have rolled back to generic 7.9.9.

Would it work again if I rolled back to 7.10.7 code base?

I would be happy to get a Beta release if there was one out there!

I am fending off complaints daily!.
David Younger

With GitHub you can grab whatever code you prefer. If you take the “hotfix” branch you basically have a Beta version. That’s what we run on our “nightly” demo server:


I am not sure when 7.10.10 is coming out. Likely quite soon, but it depends on how tests go, and we still need to finish some work.

Most of these broken subpanels problems were just a very simple fix, adding a missing bracket “{” in a file. Have you done that?


Terrific, I put the Hotfix in and it works a treat!
Thank you very much