3 entities on business but only 2 to choose from in the CRM

Hello guys,

My first post here hoping I could get some help. In our line of business we currently have 3 entities:

  • Vendors (brand)
  • Stores (retailers owned by the vendor)
  • Employees (working for the vendor)

SuiteCRM has only 2 entities:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts

We are importing data from our current database and we decided that the best mapping will be:

  • Vendors to Accounts
  • Stores to Contacts

But we don’t have any mapping for the employees.

Based on your experience can somebody help me figure this out? We are open to another type of mapping if that’s the case but we need the 3 entities in there since all are equally important to our line of business.

I appreciate your opinions. Thank you!

I would say Contacts is better for people, not stores.

So maybe

  • Vendors (brand) - Accounts
  • Stores (retailers owned by the vendor) - Sub-accounts
  • Employees (working for the vendor) - Contacts

Remember also that sometimes you don’t need a full entity/module, just a field name. For example, ig you don’t need to store much information about vendors, just make it a field in Stores specifying which vendor it belongs to.

Read up on subaccounts (there are limitations to this mechanism): https://pgorod.github.io/Concepts-Accounts-Contacts/