2nd instance of Suite

I have an instance of Suite up and running well on MySQL and Bitnami Stack.

I would like to create a seconds copy of Suite for another internal business unit. For security purposes, I need the data to be separate from the 1st unit.

Do I need to install a whole new instance of the Bitnami Stack or do I need to just copy the SuiteCRM directory under Bitname or do I just copy the SuiteCRM directory under Apps or can I share a single set of Suite code with 2 different MYSQL databases?

I dont mind it the 2 suites share the exact same configuration (custom field etc) or if they are slightly different. I am flexible.

Some guidance is appreciated.


You would need to do a fresh install if you didn’t want the data.

Either that, truncate all tables except the fields meta data and users/user_preferences.




there are different ways in connection with Bitnami. On Windows, a second installation could make trouble.

Which OS do you have installed?

Window Server 2008 R2