10,000 Users

What is the maximum number of users that SuiteCRM can handle. I see that Sugar 7 gives an example of 1000 users and how to structure the database. However, how many users can SuiteCRM handle at one time with a local installation?


Much of what you read in that article applies to SuiteCRM in a very similar fashion, due to the fact that SuiteCRM is a fork of the 2014 version of SugarCRM.

I’ve heard of 500+ users installations of SuiteCRM, but if SugarCRM boasts a 40000 user installation, I would say there is nothing to stop SuiteCRM from going near that.

But if you have a big business my advice would be to engage SalesAgility directly for consultancy, or even for the whole project. They can help you better than anybody else.

Bear in mind that apart from all the deployment options you can make, and the hardware scaling, there is a big advantage to a fully Open Source solution regarding performance: transparency. You can check your own specific bottlenecks and apply specific fixes, deep down in the code if necessary.

i completly agree with pgr … if you have 10000 user, you can pay SalesAgility for consultancy.
SuiteCRM can handle many users… but if you run all on a pentium 2 with 512MB Mermoy and a Processor with 800Mhz…certainly not :smiley:

You need redundancy, you need a good architecture… a load-balancing… a replication… and many many more :wink: