1: Failed sending emails through workflow - 2: the from field shows nothing when composing emails

I have two problems with e-mails in SuiteCRM 7.10.10
OS: Linux
PHP: 7.0.32
MySQL: 5.6.41

1 -
I set up the (default) system outging email account, and tested it with “SEND TEST EMAIL”,
so I know it is working fine.

Then I created a workflow to send ana email when a lead record with a specific value in a field is saved.
The problem is that the workflow is executed, but the process audit for the record says “Failed”, that is,
the system cannot send the email.
So I looked at the logs, but there are no errors at all. So it is impossible to know what the problem is
on sending e-mails.

2 -
I also set up an incoming mail account, and then assigned it to my profile through the email settings in the profile.
I know it works because it succeded in downloading the emails from the account.
The problem is that I cannot send any email through the system, because when I compose it, the “from” field doesn’t show anything…
Again, in there error logs there is nothing.

Is there something I’m missing?

about the first issue, it was my fault!

I forgot to add to the send email action in the workflow the email to wich the system should send the email (in this case “Record email”)…

But the second problem, the one about the select “from field” in the email composer being empty, is still there.