1 contact linked to multiple accounts?

We are using Version 7.11.15

We have restaurants-accounts in our database (our customers).
Each restaurant (account) has contacts linked (owner, store-manager, accountant, etc. …)

But what happens if a person owns multiple restaurants ?
Or when there is an accountant that services several restaurants ?
Or a region manager is responsable for several restorants in his/her region ?

So my question is : Is there a way to “connect” or “link” a contact to multiple accounts ?

In the Contact module there is only a single field to select the account, there is no way to select multiple accounts.
also under the Contact screen there are panes for “activities”,“history” and “documents” … but there is no pane for selecting “accounts” …

In other places this is possible though …

For example a “document” can be linked to multiple accounts in the panes onder the document module … but this is NOT possible for a “contact” ?

I don’t understand … are we the only ones who have this problem, that some persons (Contacts) need to be linked to more than 1 account ?

Am I missing something ?

Please advise …

Have a look here